New Release Aqilla “1802” Brings Automatic Generation Of Bank Transactions

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Aqilla (1802) is now available to users.

Of particular note to many customers will be the introduction of a major new feature that allows the creation of Bank Transactions directly from imported Bank Statements.

Appealing especially to high volume bank transactions generated independently of Aqilla, users will able to automatically create and process unreconciled Bank Transactions, applying rules at a system, bank account, or debtor or creditor account level to filter out any that are not required (for example transactions already generated by the Aqilla Payments process) which will make the task quicker and more accurate.

A range of logic options from simple include and exclude to complex “fuzzy” Regular Expression formats are available and will allow you to create all these transactions in your books at the press of a button.

Process customer bank transfer receipts and vendor direct debit payments alongside bank expenses automatically. Any statement format currently available for use with the Aqilla Bank Reconciliation process will be supported.

Along with a range of other enhancements it is now possible to pre-set any VAT code against a creditor or debtor account which prevents the VAT code being amended by a user whilst entering an invoice and is not overridden by any VAT codes defined against Items. This makes it easier to handle exports and imports and trading with free-trade zones.

In addition and in response to feedback from users it now possible to set a flag in the Company Information Configuration screen to allow subsequent amendment and update of comments and attachments on posted documents. This is useful when one might for example wish to update the comments on an invoice awaiting payment or for example adding completion contract documentation to a sales invoice.

To get full details of the principal enhancements in this release and to see how Aqilla can help you in your business, please get in touch with us.




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