Postmodern ERP for the 21st Century

Just over 2 years ago, Gartner Group were making predictions of the demise of the ERP systems. In an article back in 2015, Gartner’s Denise Ganly explained why the ERP ‘megasuite’ is dead and why ‘postmodern ERP’ is a vital foundation for digital business.

She continued further on in the article that “many traditional ERP deployments stifle innovation, because they are rigid and slow, and they value integration and standardised processes over agility. Gartner predicts that heavily-customised ERP implementations will soon be referred to routinely as “legacy ERP”.”

So what is “postmodern” ERP? Businesses looking to take advantage of lower costs, better functional fit and process flexibility can, through a blend of cloud applications with on-premises applications. The deconstruction of the ERP suite into a loosely coupled ERP environment, with much of the functionality sourced as cloud services is how they define ‘postmodern’ ERP.

In the Gartner’s Market Guide for Service-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions published at the end of 2016, Aqilla found its place as a representative vendor in this category and Gartner clearly feels that it is a solution to consider. Service organisations are quicker to move to the cloud than product based companies. This is because they do not have on-premise applications to run manufacturing giving them a greater freedom of choice.

Aqilla is a modern Cloud Based, multi-currency accounting solution designed to suit the needs of demanding mid-sized businesses. It is also flexible, in that it allows the business to create their own processes for the way they work, but also will grow with the business and with agility, allow them to change quickly and easily with the business.

As a ‘postmodern’ ERP, Aqilla also allows businesses to choose which other ‘ERP’ modules it wants to use or are already using. Whether it’s CRM, MRP, Web Storefront or Billing they all need to integrate with your accounting system. The ‘legacy’ ERP system may force you into using their own integrated module, which may not be the best for the business. As an example, SalesForce CRM seamlessly integrates with Aqilla. The business can therefore choose the best system for them or just keep what is already being used.

System management is also much simpler. There is no need to carry out expensive upgrades and implement new versions. New releases with new and improved features of Aqilla are automatically rolled out to all users on a regular basis. No requirement for hardware deployments of servers and network. Backups and disaster recovery are also taken care of. This allows the business to concentrate on what they need to.

Aqilla – A Postmodern approach to Business Systems

You could be forgiven for assuming that all this functionality would come at a high price and take weeks and weeks to deploy – but you would be pleasantly surprised.

As Gartner contends, Aqilla is unique in providing a true, pure Cloud based subscription (pay as you need it), with a simple 30 day rolling subscription. There are no upfront licence fees. There are no lengthy contracts to tie you in and the deployment takes days rather than weeks or years, so you can start saving money and time very quickly.

Why not take a look at Aqilla and see why we are taking the accounting world by storm.

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