It’s time to get SaaSy with finance

Still using legacy accounting and finance software?

A new financial year calls for a new approach to your accounting!


Finance and accounting technology, installed onsite or at the offices of your external accounting bureau, served a purpose that has long since passed. It’s time for an accounting solution that was built for cloud.

As your company grows, you will have increasing expectations on the finance function. Modern cloud storage and deployment capabilities have all made huge advancements in recent years that will allow you to run your whole accounting operation on one single system both here in Israel and abroad. Integrate it with your sales system, like Salesforce or your on-line shop, using the Rest API and reduce the amount of data entry and duplication of work.

Flexibility is a key benefit of cloud based applications with users directly benefiting from the ability to share information more effectively across the business and with their investors.  After you enter your sales and expenses, you can let the accountants finish off the pure accounting tasks giving you the visibility you need to manage the business on a real-time basis.

It’s time for that change.

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